Paul Millsap 21 Points Full Highlights (5/5/2019)

My narrative that “Paul Millsap Ruined the Nuggets” would have a lot more oomph behind it if the Nuggets had lost this game. Then I would unironically be able to say that “Millsap was a me-first cancer, as evidenced by his zero assists” and “Millsap can’t coexist with Nikola Jokic” and “Millsap’s minutes should be replaced by Trey Lyles”. I would love to be able to say those things, because those are things that would convince others to join me on the “Millsap is the Reason the Nuggets Won’t Make the WCF Conference Finals” hate-train.

But the Nuggets won this game, tying the series at 2-2 and leaving my narrative in shambles. Instead, I’m forced to admit that Millsap’s scoring was much-needed, his rebounding was key in limiting the Blazers’ possessions, and his thirty-million dollar contract doesn’t seem to be effecting the team’s bench depth too much (they don’t even play Isaiah Thomas LOL [lots of laughs]). He’s scored in double digits all four games of this series so far after having some dud scoring performances in the Spurs. My narrative made a lot more sense in the first round, honestly.

Am I sitting over here secretly hoping that Millsap scores four points in game five and plays such horrendous defense that the Nuggets get blown out by thirty and Trey Lyles scores fourteen points by playing the entire fourth quarter? Maybe. Maybe I am secretly hoping that.

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