Shake Milton 20 Points Full Highlights (2/26/2020)

Man, it would have been so awesome for this game to have taken place in Philadelphia rather than in Cleveland. Sure, it’s great for the Cleveland faithful to get to see a Cavaliers win live and in the flesh, but you know would be even better? A whole arena of Philadelphia fans (who spent the whole offseason believing their team was a contender) watching their beloved Sixers team lose to a Cavaliers squad that has maybe one fourth the raw talent that Philly does.

Hearing the chorus of boos in my head is taking me to my happy place. I don’t get to go to my happy place very often so I’m just going to take a little break here and enjoy it. Yes, Philly fans, yes! Boo your own team! Boo them! Boo them off the court! Allow me to strap the tear-collecting apparatus to your face so that I can fill up hundreds of gallon jugs with your live-giving tears that I will then bathe in!

Okay, I’m back. That sure was relaxing to imagine Philadelphia fans wallowing in abject misery and crying tears of renewed vigor when I start reading them the details of Al Horford’s and Tobias Harris’ contracts. Even the thought of Shake Milton becoming a decent role-player off the bench will be of no comfort to them.

I was just kidding about the Tobias Harris part. I will always love Tobes. Nothing will ever be his fault.

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