Boban Marjanovic 14 Points Full Highlights (3/2/2020)

I have been thinking very hard and very studiously about it, and I have come to this conclusion: there is literally no way to stop a Luka Doncic/Boban Marjanovic pick-and-roll. This conclusion is the result of in-depth discussions with experts in the field, analysis of video footage (provided by some goofball going under the moniker “DownToBuck”), laboratory experiments, and good old-fashioned common sense.

I cannot come up with a single non-bucket outcome for the described scenario, barring catastrophic events like injuries or a fan running onto the court to act as extra defender. Indeed, having an extra defender would make the play at least possible to stop. It wouldn’t be easy, but it could be done.

The Mavericks seem to be unaware of the potency of the Marjanovic/Doncic pick-and-roll. Sometimes it happens on the court, sure, and as my experiments predicted it always works, but it feels like an accident when it does. Like it wasn’t the intended action. Rick Carlisle is regarded as one of the league’s better coaches, but just like all of Marjanovic’s coaches before him, he seems to have little idea on how to get the best out of his giant.

If Dallas isn’t going to use the players they have to their fullest potential, the Bucks will happily take Marjanovic off their hands, in exchange for Thon Maker. The only stipulation the Bucks have is that Luka Doncic also be included in the deal. Can’t have only half of the unstoppable pick-and-roll combo.

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