Shake Milton 20 Points Full Highlights (3/5/2020)

I feel like 76ers fans have major beefs with pretty much every player on their roster.

Ben Simmons: Can’t shoot, won’t shoot, will ignore pleading of coaches and teammates for him to please, please, please shoot the ball
Joel Embiid: Inexplicably disappears in important games,
Al Horford: Huge waste of money, old, can’t shoot, can’t rebound, doesn’t play well with Embiid, on the books for a gazillion more years
Tobias Harris: Huge waste of money but not as huge a waste of money as Horford
Josh Richardson: Not even good anymore
Mike Scott: Like a worse Al Horford
Matisse Thybulle: Plays too much defense
Trey Burke: Too small
Raul Neto: Too Brazilian
Kyle O’Quinn: Beard too big
Shake Milton: ????

But I can’t think of any reason why Sixers fans would have beef with Milton. He’s been, by all measures, contributing way more then expected, especially recently. You would have to be mentally compromised to have beef with a late-second-round pick who randomly scored 39 points in a real life NBA-sanction game. Everybody else on the roster deserves scorn. Milton deserves to be spared from that scorn.

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