Cedi Osman 20 Points Full Highlights (3/7/2020)

The stats don’t paint Cedi Osman as an impact player. In fact, they paint him as a negative-impact player. I don’t watch enough Cavaliers games to form my own opinions (nobody would willingly subject themselves to such inhumane torment), but I’m very good at putting blind faith in advanced stats when they match my preconceived notions. I’m the best at that. Nobody can challenge my mastery in that area.

If/when the Cavaliers ever get good again, will Cedi rise to the occasion to be a valuable role player for a team that makes the playoffs, or will he be exposed as a guy who can only have success when he’s on a roster with no decent wing players competing with him for minutes? It could be either. Again, I’m not informed enough to feel strongly on this one. I would love to have an opinion that I could force on you, but I don’t have one. Consider this to be a question for discussion.

Turkish people, who have a blind love for Cedi which is completely separate from, and uninformed by, the quality of his on-court play, should recuse themselves from this discussion. They probably think he’s getting held down by Kevin Love or something. If anything, he’s getting held down by Collin “Mr. 3 APG” Sexton.

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