Danuel House 21 Points Full Highlights (8/24/2020)

Some buzzer-beaters echo through history, their buzzer-beateriness having ramifications on the fortunes of teams even decades after the ball swished through the net. These are the shots that are replayed again and again, each time causing viewers to think: “What if? What if that shot hadn’t gone in?” These are the shots that you point to and say. “There. That’s where everything changed.”

Danuel House’s buzzer-beater from this game was not one of those shots.

House chucked the ball from past half-court as the buzzer sounded. It banked in and the end result was that the Rockets lost by three points instead of six points. There were no fans to cheer/groan. All the players were already walking off the court and none of them saw it. The commentators were in the middle of talking about something else and could barely acknowledge the shot. As far as half-court buzzer-beaters go, this one was perhaps the least heralded and the least paid-attention-to of all.

Don’t worry, Danuel my man. I’m paying attention to it. I even replayed it on my own since the broadcast didn’t even give you a replay. Stop crying.

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