Kelly Olynyk 17 Points Full Highlights (10/4/2020)

Kelly Olynyk has now played well in two consecutive games. That is the official threshold for being able to call him “The Klynyk”, so I can type that nickname without being forced by the Internet Police to redact it with a thick black censor bar. Previously, the only applicable nickname for my man Kelly O was “The Nykname”, which is funny in a self-referencing way but in no way makes any reference to Olynyk’s abilities on the basketball court.

One has to question the wisdom of a coach who was, at points in these playoffs, barely giving minutes to a player who is obviously such a studmonster. And then one should stop questioning the wisdom of that coach because Olynyk hasn’t exactly played well in these playoffs. His primary skill which sets him apart from the rest, his three-ball, has not been there up until just now. I apologize for my wisdom-questioning ways. I promise not to question the wisdom of any coaches in the future unless those coaches are named Mike Budenholzer and their “wisdom” includes capping the MVP at 32 minutes per game.

Back to The Klynyk. He needs to continue channeling his Boston big-balls energy through the rest of this series for the Heat to have a realistic shot at winning this. He can be like 60% of Bam as long as everything is going right for him.

Or Bam just needs to figure out his sore shoulder/back/neck/whatever and come back into the lineup. He should call some massage therapists from Instagram into the bubble to get some one-on-one personalized care.

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