Kira Lewis 16 Points/6 Assists Full Highlights (3/23/2021)

I recently saw a rumor that Lonzo Ball will likely be out of New Orleans by the trade deadline, which is tomorrow. That’s great news for Kira Lewis, who has been relegated to a minor role on the team despite his pedigree as a high draft choice. This game shows that he’s ready for more minutes, more shot attempts, more headbands, and more opportunities to throw lobs to Zion.

But why not go one step further? Eric Bledsoe is booty. Trade him too. I don’t know if his contract is palatable for other teams (the quality of his play certainly isn’t palatable for other teams), but it’s not my job to make these trades work. If that was my job, I’d be GM somewhere, or at least assistant GM somewhere. Remember, Bledsoe DIRECTLY cost the Bucks the chance at not one but TWO championships, so any team with championship aspirations should be looking to stay away from him. Trade him to the Magic or something. Then Lewis will be the ONLY point guard on the roster, and in that expanded role, I’m sure he would average at least 14 points and four assists per game on 38% shooting from the field.

Since it’s unwise to play half a season with just one rostered point guard, the Pelicans will have to go out and acquire somebody who can play a small backup role. Pelicans legend Jimmer Fredette, Pelicans legend Brian Roberts, Pelicans legend Nate Wolters, Pelicans legend Gal Mekel, and New Orleans Hornets legend Greivis Vasquez are all available, as far as I know. Any one of those guys would love to go back to the Big Easy and play a role in building something special.

And it will be even more special when they re-sign Pelicans legend Hollis Thompson. Remind me why I’m not a GM yet?

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