Rui Hachimura 26 Points/5 Dunks Full Highlights (3/29/2021)

In between bites of Pop-Tart, I’ve been doing some major thinkage this morning. And after all that thinkage combined with entirely unhealthy amounts of sugar, I’m sort of thinking that Rui Hachimura might have to be excised from my channel in the near future. What follows is a forbidden glimpse into my genius-level thought processes:

REASON FOR EXCISEMENT #1: Hachimura is on an upwards trajectory in his career. My channel is for role-players and scrubs, and while Hachimura is currently a role-player, he probably won’t be for long. Being a role-player is just a temporary stop for him. For a lot of players, being a role-player is all they know and all they will ever know. Those are the players I should be focusing on.

REASON FOR EXCISEMENT #2: There is no danger that a good Hachimura performance does not get represented by a highlight video uploaded to YouTube. There are at least five other videos depicting these 26 points, for example. Even the official ‘Zards channel is getting in on the action. Since I am semi-retired, my time would be better spent focusing on players who are truly not getting attention from anywhere else.

REASON FOR EXCISEMENT #3: Japanese people aren’t even donating to my Patreon.

This isn’t a final decision, it’s just something I’m pondering. If you post comments to the effect of “Plz Mr. Dee Tee Bee you have to keep Rui on your channel forever [heart emoji]”, that might guide my decision in the other direction.

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