Mikal Bridges 27 Points Full Highlights (7/8/2021)


Not only is 27 points Mikal Bridges playoff career high, a statistic that perhaps lacks impact given that this playoffs is the first ‘offs of his career, but 27 points is also the second most points that Bridges has scored in ANY an NBA game. Now THERE’S a stat which drives home the impact of Bridges’ scoring bonanza in game two of the Finals. That’s a stat you can sink your teeth into. I want hearty, meaty stats. Not wimpy stats devised by some acne-afflicted dweeb who spends too much time slurping the pus from his zits.

It’s certainly premature, even ludicrous, to start calling Bridges “Mini KD”, but guess what? You can’t stop me. I just said it and no amount of your feeble complaining can force me to un-say it. Bridges is Mini KD, with a lower usage rate, a lower amount of inches in his height, a lower hairline, and a lower amount of rings (although the gap might be closing soon). That middy jimmy of his is coming along nicely and Bridges is becoming adept at getting it off when he wants, in scarily similarity to how KD uses his length to abuse defenders in the midrange. But the real KD couldn’t get it done against the Bucks. The Mini KD is getting it done.

This is a perfect opportunity to note that, as a Bucks fan, I am not even that upset right now. If some ring-rich team like the Lakers was spanking us, that would be upsetting. Having the Suns, with their assortment of stars who had been dismissed as “not winners”, plus their fun cast of role players (who couldn’t love Cameron Payne bricking threes hard off the backboard with 100% confidence in a Finals game), kick the Bucks’ booty is tolerable. It’s not ideal, but it’s tolerable.

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