Retirement Announcement (…for real this time…probably…)

My semi-retirement, which started at the outset of the 2020-21 NBA season, was not quite as retirementful as I would have hoped. While my output of role-player-focused highlightage was significantly reduced from seasons past, the siren call of NBA role-players scoring twentyish points was too alluring for me to resist, and I ended up uploading considerably more highlight videos than I anticipated. I kept calling it a “semi-retirement”, but it was more like a “quasi-retirement” or even a “pseudoretirement”.

So now I’m being REAL about it. I am retiring from the daily NBA highlights game. For REAL. No more obsessing over box-scores on a nightly basis. No more waking up at odd hours to cram more highlight videos into my schedule. No more thinking about what videos my subscribers might expect me to make. No more bilking money from my fans via my Patreon to feed a Pop-Tart addiction which has spiraled tragically out of control. No more.

Instead, I’ll make videos when I feel like it. “When I feel like it” might be every few days, or it might be never. If Carlos Delfino comes out of retirement, it would be “whenever Carlos Delfino gets more than two minutes of playing time in a single game”. We’ll only know the frequency of my uploadage once the season starts. Ideally, the reduced focus on individual player highlight videos would grant me the necessary energy and motivation to make the end-of-season compilations which I have come to cherish, but maybe I’ll divert that energy to other pursuits. Such as the consumption of Pop-Tarts.

I don’t think this is the end of DownToBuck. But it is probably the end of DownToBuck being a consistent presence in the NBA highlights space. You can read more of my thoughts in my previous retirement video ( ), but I want to reiterate how grateful I am to all the people who have watched my videos over the past nine years. I don’t want to say that your support was the only thing that kept me going, because this project was always driven by some inner compulsion of mine, but your support definitely made the hard work (and seemingly interminable Jeff Teague videos) a bit more tolerable, and I truly enjoyed being able to bring entertainment to so many NBA fans.

And with that, my retirement begins. Where are my Pop-Tarts?

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