Delon Wright 19 Points Full Highlights (4/8/2016)

It’s so great that Delon Wright and Norman Powell are showing out for the Raptors. Really super great. I’m so happy. Wonderful. Two rookies, struggling for most of the season, finally getting a chance to show their stuff in preparation for the playoffs. Wow. That’s what basketball’s all about, right there.

But what I really want is some Bruno Caboclo action, dammit. You’re telling me that you can find minutes for Wright but not any for Caboclo? I don’t care if he still sucks. How is he going to stop sucking if he doesn’t get real NBA game experience? Here’s the deal: the Raptors are definitely gonna make the playoffs, and they’re definitely gonna beat whoever they’re matched up with at this point. So there is no reason, I repeat, NO REASON, that Caboclo can’t get 20 or 30 minutes during the last few games of the season.

As I said, it’s cool that Wright is finally showing some things. 19 points is legit. But it’s 19 points that came at the expense of a certain Brazilian who may or may not be the next Kevin Durant.

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