Rashad Vaughn 12 Points Full Highlights (4/8/2016)

It’s finally happening! Rashad Vaughn is receiving big minutes, and he’s making the best of them by… actually he’s kinda sucking. Still. That’s what he’s been doing the whole season, and this sudden increase in playing time only means a corresponding increase in bricked shots.

It hasn’t been the kind of rookie season I hoped for Vaughn. He spent most of the year being tentative when he did manage to get on the court. Now, it seems the coaching staff has directly told him “You are a scorer, so go out there and try to score, we don’t even care if you can’t do it effectively”, because he has been chucking shots like there’s no tomorrow for the past few games. 4 of 17 (not this game, the one before, I would never do highlights of such a performance) for one of the worst players in the league would be laughable if it happened on any team but the Bucks. Luckily, no one at all cares about the Bucks right now, so Vaughn’s suckiness is going unnoticed.

All the better for him to come back next year and dominate, right? Right? Right.

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