Shaun Livingston 20 Points Full Highlights (6/2/2016)

How badly is ESPN freaking out right now? Everyone knows they’re not doing so great lately, ratings-wise. People aren’t lapping up the hot takes like they used to. The only remedy is to actually show primo live sports content. Live sports content featuring the league’s best two players: Stephen Curry and LeBron James.

LeBron delivered (kind of) tonight. Curry? I forgot he was on the court at times. You can bet that a ton of viewers never returned after halftime after seeing that he wasn’t going to be performing his usual wizardry. I don’t blame them. Why even watch if only one of the two titans shows up? ESPN is not going to be happy about this.

Shaun Livingston scoring 20 is great. I’m hyped. Seeing him make all those funky midrange jumpers reminded me of when he was in Milwaukee doing the same thing while nobody noticed. 20 is a playoff career high for him, coming up big while Curry was too busy thinking about how to make his family famous. But the average fan, the type of fan that ESPN cares about, would rather see Livingston reenact his knee-splosion than see him score 20.

Maybe, secretly, you would as well.

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