Dennis Schröder Career High 28 Points/6 Assists Full Highlights (11/8/2016)

We are now officially far enough into the season where we can determine who won the Pacers-Jazz-Hawks trade which sent point guards flying in every direction. Reminder: the Pacers received Jeff Teague. The Jazz received George Hill. The Hawks received a pick from somebody that turned into Taurean Prince. Bags of potato chips were also involved in the deal, but even if they were cheese-flavored, their value is of little material value to the judgement of whether the trade was a success or failure for each team.

I’m not going to bore you with too much analysis here. You want to watch Dënniß ßchrööder do the Cavs dirty. I understand that. So here’s my quick take, served fresh and hot from the ovens of my mind: the Jazz look like they won this trade the hardest, but it was actually the Hawks. They won because they get to start Dënniß all the time without having to try to pander to their big-money PG, Teague. They also got a guy who looks like DeMarre Carroll and is roughly the same size, which means he has the same potential to be the ultimate glue guy. That counts as a win in my book.

What doesn’t count as a win, apparently, is zero people writing in “Mr. DownToBuck” on their ballots in yesterday’s voting. I just can’t get over how whack this is! As recently as yesterday I was thinking, you know, since I have 40K subs, that I was guaranteed at least (AT LEAST) 40K votes. And given how fickle the voting populace is, if I started trending on Twitter or something, I would come away with at least 1 or 2 or 271 electoral votes. Instead I’m sitting here at zero. I keep refreshing the New York Times website but nothing’s changing. Oh well, there’s always 2020. Stay tuned for updates.

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