Evan Turner 20 Points Full Highlights (1/5/2017)

ESPN’s Real Plus-Minus stat, which purports to measure on-court impact in terms of points gained or lost every 100 possessions (I bet they just pay some intern to make up the numbers), really hates Evan Turner. He is the sixth-worst player in the league if you go by that stat, sitting at a cool -4.27.

Since I know you’re curious, here are the players below him: Wade Baldwin, Buddy Hield, Semaj Christon, Brandon Knight (LOL [lots of laughs]), and Brandon Ingram (TRIPLE LOL). Those are some players that everybody can agree are really bad, and since this stat allegedly will assign values to players without bias (see: intern conspiracy), Evan Turner must legit be just as bad as those other dudes.

That makes this game from him pretty crazy. He didn’t score in the first half, confirming the fact that he sucks and is actually a bust, but then he went crazy starting with two minutes to go in the third quarter. It pains me to say it, given how every stat, advanced and otherwise, paints a major picture of suckitude for this guy, but he probably secured the win for the Blazers last night.

Either that or Brandon “runaway worst player in the league bar none” Ingram’s suck forces cancelled out Evan Turner’s suck forces.

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