Montrezl Harrell 28 Points Full Highlights (1/7/2017)

Quick quiz: in light of Montrezl “Mon-Trezzle” Harrell putting up sick scoring games on a regular basis, how screwed is Clint Capela right now?

a) Not screwed at all since he is better than Harrell and will prove it when he comes back from injury
b) Only a little bit screwed because he can probably coexist with Harrell as part of a twin towers lineup, like Hakeem Olajuwon and Ralph Sampson but shorter
c) Moderately screwed because Harden has already decided he likes Harrell better
d) Screwed six ways to Sunday; Totally screwed; Screwed to death
e) Montrezl Harrell looks like one of those lizards with the fan thing around their neck

I look forward to seeing all of your ignorant answers to this quiz in the comment section, if only because it will provide me with a fresh list of usernames to report to the police when I decide that I want you all to get arrested for not providing the right answer. I bet you didn’t know I wield that kind of power, but not only do I wield it, I exercise it regularly. Enjoy life on the outside while it lasts.

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