Kent Bazemore 25 Points Full Highlights (1/23/2017)

Excuse me, YouTube, but I really need you to let me upload my custom thumbnails for these videos. You think that I would have as many subscribers as I do if I let you pick out the thumbnail images? Hell no. People want to see NBA players making funny faces in these thumbnails, and that’s what I’m giving to them.

When I can. Which is not right now. “Try again in 30 seconds”. Why 30 seconds? Is the server going to magically fix itself in that amount of time? Why not 29 seconds? Okay. So a whole half minute, I’ll just sit here with my dick in my hand and my glock on my temple. “Temporary error” my ass. You know what else is temporary? My frickin’ LIFE, so you better not frickin’ waste it you pricks.

Does anyone know Vimeo’s policy on NBA highlights?

UPDATE: it frickin’ worked but if this happens again I’m going to get my Romanian hacker friend to hack the bejesus out of YouTube.

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