Kyle Korver 17 Points/5 Threes Full Highlights (10/20/2017)

There’s a new Kyle K in the league, the young hotshot Kyle Kuzma, but this newbie would do well to remember who the real Kyle K is. You know, the one who regularly leads the league in three-point shooting? The one who is coveted as a teammate by every superstar in the league? The one who looks like a discount Ashton Kutcher but still manages to steal away all my girlfriends? The one who is actually, literally immortal? While Kyle Korver is still in the league, every other Kyle K is in second place.

It’s fair to say that Korver won this game against the Bucks by himself. After he reeled off nine straight points in the third quarter, the Bucks never really recovered. That’s what Korver can do. He can demoralize a team by making a bunch of shots in a row, and cause strife in the huddle of that team while they try to figure out whose fault it was that Korver was left open behind the three-point line. There are a scant few players in the league that can sow that kind of discord between opposing teammates.

But the joke’s on him. Last time I had a girlfriend, I got rid of her before she even found out who Kyle Korver was. Take that, loser.

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