E’Twaun Moore 19 Points Full Highlights (10/22/2017)

Since E’Twaun Moore is probably the fourth best player on the Pelicans right now and there will never be a better opportunity to hype him up to the world, I went out and bought a billboard that says “I Want Some More Moore” in big block letters next to a picture of his head and the Pelicans’ logo. It also says in smaller letters “Search DownToBuck on YouTube to Watch His Highlights”. It turns out that billboards are pretty expensive, so the message is only gonna be up for a few days, but if you’re driving down a rural highway in the middle of Wisconsin and you see E’Twaun Moore’s picture next to a billboard for a Culver’s, that was totally my doing.

I mean, who wouldn’t want more Moore? Unlike all the other role-players on the Pelicans, he’s actually lived up to his contract, both last year and this year. More people need to realize that he’s basically Michael Jordan 0.2 with his shooting, slashing, and passing. One-fifth of Michael Jordan is the perfect fit next to the Cousins/Davis combo. That’s what I’m trying to get across with my billboard.

In other news, I won’t have enough money to make rent this month, and E’Twaun still hasn’t responded to my tweet asking for $50,000 in fees, so if DownToBuck goes dark for a while it’s because I’m living in the hobo shantytown under the bridge where there’s no internet.

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