John Collins 14 Points Full Highlights (10/23/2017)

If I’m gonna keep doing John Collins highlights, I’m gonna need more midrange jimbos. A lot more. Wasn’t that one of the things he was supposed to be able to do coming into the league? Even if it wasn’t, I bet he shoots them ALL the time in practice, so no reason he can’t be making 6 or 7 or 10 of them a game. No threes, though. I don’t want him sullying the game by being tall but for some reason thinking he’s allowed to take threes.

If he doesn’t want to shoot more jimbos, he can make up the difference by dunking it more often instead. No more pussy-ass layups. If the top of my head was almost seven feet off the ground, here’s the deal, I would never stop dunking it. I’d be prime Shaq in terms of slamjamming it through the hoop. That is how Collins has to approach the game. Don’t let anyone get in your way, like in this game, who the heck was gonna stop him? Kelly Olynyk? I am laughing right now because obviously Olynyk couldn’t stop anyone from dunking it ever.

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