Darren Collison 15 Points/16 Assists Full Highlights (10/24/2017)

If you’re hovering over this video wondering whether or not to click on it, for one thing I don’t blame you at all, but keep this in mind: this is the most assists any player has racked up so far this season. Tied with Westbrook, and no one else is even close. Also the thumbnail is really dark, so maybe the video will be really dark also. That would be kinda cool.

Not convincing enough? Again, I don’t blame you. This is Darren Collison we’re talking about here, the most average and uninspiring point guard in the whole NBA. He’s a solid player, maybe even good, but no one cares about him except for the fact that he is a domestic violence perpetrator. Even that situation resulted in way less care than I’d expect.

These aren’t the most insane 16 assists I’ve ever seen, but at least they’re all legit. Unlike that BS T.J. McConnell 17-assist performance last year, this one doesn’t feature more than a small handful of dribbles by his teammates after Collison passes them the ball. No fake assists here.

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