Jeff Green 18 Points Full Highlights (10/25/2017)

There are probably a lot of theories out there for why the Cavaliers are underperforming to start the season, having been gifted an easy schedule through the first games but failing to capitalize on it. Some would point to Kyrie’s departure, or Wade’s sudden transformation into an old man, or Lue’s incompetence as a coach. However, the reason is none of the above. Only DownToBuck knows the truth, and because DownToBuck is a generous person, he will share with you what that reason is:

Jeff Green is addicted to benzos and it is tearing apart the locker room.

Think about it. Jeff Green always looks sleepy and droopy. He’s never engaged in the game and he moves like he’s got microwaves for shoes. That’s because he shows up to every game hopped up on Benzodiazepine, which has street names of “benzos”, “candy”, “downers”, and “Jeff Green’s magical sleepy pills”. He’s constantly bugging teammates to hook him up with his next fix, and his locker often has little piles of benzo pills all over the place. The Cavaliers’ chemistry in total disarray with this benzo junkie on the team.

Jeff Green is addicted to benzos. It is so obvious.

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