Kyle Korver 22 Points Full Highlights (10/25/2017)

The Cavaliers just lost to the Nets, it didn’t even feel like a surprise, and I’m officially ready to declare this season the wackiest of all time. More evidence that the wackiness is at unseen levels: Kyle Korver hit three layups in this game. I looked up the stats, and these are the first three layups of his career. Crazy, right? LeBron truly is a point-god.

Problem is, people don’t watch Korver vids so they can see layups. They want three-pointers, and not just some three-pointers, but ALL three-pointers. Other kinds of shots are not allowed. I have a few videos on my channel that fit that criteria, so if you really want to see nothing but long-bombs, check those out instead and leave this one for the depraved.

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