Pascal Siakam Career High 20 Points Full Highlights (10/25/2017)

How old is Pascal “Pascal’s Wager” Siakam supposed to be? Because I’m looking at the thumbnail, and I’m sure you looked at the thumbnail and had these same thoughts, I’m looking at the thumbnail and this dude looks 35 years old. And it’s not like the closeups you see of him in the vid itself look any younger.

Siakam looked damn good tonight. Damn good. Better than he’s ever looked, and against the defending champions no less. He went on a 12-2 run by himself, starting around the rim and finishing with some lightly contest three-pointers. Second and third buckets from downtown in his career, and they couldn’t have come at a better time. The Raptors ended up choking and losing, but Siakam will forever have these 20 points against Stephucked Up Ankles, Durcant Avoid Making Alternate Accounts, Klay Thompson, and Draymay I Show You A Picture Of My Penis.

He actually reminded me a lot of Thon Maker this game. Maybe a little more athletic and quick off his feet, but the jumpshot form was eerily similar. And yes, I am making another point about how old this dude looks, because Maker is definitely 23 or 24, same age as Siakam actually is. Unless there is some age controversy I don’t know about? He is teammates with Ibaka…

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