Al-Farouq Aminu 19 Points/5 Threes Full Highlights (10/26/2017)

It might seem like Al-Farouq Aminu is a grizzled veteran at this point. He’s been in the league eight years. To me, having that much NBA experience qualifies you for the title of “veteran”, and he’s definitely got the “grizzled” part down with his unkempt facial hair. The thing is, he might be a veteran, but he’s also entering his prime right at this very moment since he’s only 27 years old. So he’s a veteran entering his prime. He’s “ventering” (vet entering) his prime, so to speak.

If Aminu’s prime is scoring ten PPG on a scary three-point percentage (52.6% as of the time of this writing, unless he’s currently bricking threes in practice) plus good defense (who cares about defense), then that’s a prime that every team would want to be a part of. Realistically, he’s not likely to score much more than that given the Lillard/McCollum duo takes all the shots, but a volume-scoring Aminu would be an Aminu that shoots sub-40% from the field.

Wait. He did that same exact thing last year, minus the volume scoring. The point I was trying to make lies in shambles all around me and I don’t know how begin putting the pieces back together. I should never have tried to form a cogent basketball-related thought. I should have just made jokes about Aminu’s patchy hobo beard.

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