David West 16 Points Full Highlights (10/27/2017)

I was a little bit surprised when I saw Draymond Green throw a lob pass to David West that actually resulted in a dunk for West, rather than West landing in a heap on the hardwood and having to be taken off in a wheelchair Paul Pierce style. Then I realized, why should I be surprised that West can still dunk? He was never an athletic stud, but he was always perfectly capable of dunking the ball, and it’s not like he’s forty years old or anything. He’s 37, and he was sparingly used in the past two seasons, so his legs are still those of a 34 year old.

Plus, he had a monster mash on the Mavs back in March. That wasn’t very long ago.

So, going forward, I promise not to be surprised when David West dunks the ball. I also promise not to be surprised when he cans a midrange jumper, but that part is easier because that shot has been West’s bread-and-butter for a long, long time. If he made six or seven of those shots in every game this season, not only would the Warriors break their own record for wins in a season, but I would make the most exciting midrangeilation this world has ever seen.

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