E’Twaun Moore Career High 24 Points Full Highlights (10/28/2017)

This is the third time E’Twaun Moore has scored a career-high 24 points. The last two times came in February two seasons ago while he was with the Bulls. Now, everyone knows that the point total that denotes an “actually good game” is 25. That’s the threshold. Any lower than that, and you might have a good game by your standards, but it wasn’t actually a good game. Love it, hate it, that’s the truth, and there’s no denying it. For some players the limit might be higher, but it goes no lower than 25.

Which means that E’Twaun Moore has yet to have an actually good game in his career. He’s come close, three times he’s come ever so close, but he hasn’t done it. Not quite. It’s like he wants his career to be forgotten the moment its over, and maybe even before then. Is that what he wants? To have his name remembered by nobody? YouTube’s servers won’t last forever, and when they go down, even these not actually good games by him will be lost.

I really thought he could do it tonight. He had like 6 minutes to get one more point. But no. I think he is happy wallowing in his own mediocrity.

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