Jrue Holiday 29 Points/7 Assists Full Highlights (10/28/2017)

Jrue Holiday had a slow start to the season, dropping a sick 4/4 line in 38 minutes in the opening game of the season, but he’s slowly been working his way back to form, and his 29/7 on just seventeen shots is one of the meatiest, most satisfying point guard performances of the nascent NBA season. He is really the key to the Pelicans’ playoff chances, since the Davis-Cousins combo can only handle the ball so much before the turnover numbers expose them.

The most disappointing part of this video, for me at least, is that it contains no Josh Smith whatsoever. If he was on the court during any of the clips, I didn’t notice, and his Pelicans debut went by with just one made shot that was apparently not assisted by Holiday. I’m such a huge Josh Smith hater that I’ve looped back around the circle towards wanting to see him succeed again, but he’s not going to get to do that if he has to play with Pelicans point guards whose names aren’t Jrue Holiday.

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