Ricky Rubio 21 Points Full Highlights (10/28/2017)

At what point during the summer did Ricky Rubio stop looking like a sexy Spanish adonis and start looking like one of the dudes on the covers of your dad’s 70’s vinyl collection? Because he didn’t look like this at the end of last season. I didn’t watch Eurobasket or BallEuro or HoopEuropaEvolved or whatever tournament happened in Europe this summer, so I assume one of his Spanish teammates corrupted him with 70’s vinyl covers. That is the only explanation. Because there is no way that he thinks he actually looks good. He just thinks other people think he looks good. Which he doesn’t.

Whatever his appearance, he hasn’t been quite as good with the Jazz as he was at the end of the year in Minnesota. There are multiple theories as to why that could be, but only one correct one: he no longer has Karl-Anthony Towns to pass to for unlimited free assists. KAT was willing to shoot any shot, and the pick-and-pop chemistry he had with Rubio was devastating. Who replaces his shot-taking ability on the Jazz? Rodney Hood? Derrick Favors? Rubio needs to make things clear: when I pass you the ball and you can take a midrange jumper, you take the midrange jumper. Even you, Rudy.

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