Dion Waiters 33 Points Full Highlights (10/30/2017)

You know, when Dion Waiters put up that three as time expired to potentially tie the game and set it into another overtime, I was pretty sure it was going to go in. It looked so GOOD. I’ve seen so many improbable game-saving sequences that having Waiters invoke Waitersanity and score 8 in the last 30 seconds seemed as likely as the sun rising in the morning.

He missed, though. It was kind of a brick. So instead of future generations getting to watch his heroics (in 4D hologram format) on ESPN Classic 40 years from now, it’s just another fairly meaningless regular-season game with fairly meaningless regular-season performances. 33 points is really great for Waiters considering his iffy start to the season, but history doesn’t remember the losers. Except when it does, which is actually pretty often. For example, I’m pretty sure I know who lost the Vietnam War. I’m not going to say who it is though.

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