Dennis Schröder 27 Points Full Highlights (11/30/2017)

Did Dënniß ßchrööder just EXPOSE the Cavaliers? I think he did. Evidence will now be presented for the exposal:

Evidence 1: this video. Watch it, and you will see that the Cavaliers had no answer for Schroder just driving straight to the basket and laying it up. Jose Calderon couldn’t contain him at all, and there was no rim protection. Even when they switched LeBron onto him, it ended in his favor more often than not. He is just too quick for anyone on the Cavs to handle.

Evidence 2: LeBron left a handwritten note in Schroder’s locker after the game that read, and I’m paraphrasing from what my sources have told me, “You have exposed me and my entire team for the second time this year. Please, do not share information regarding methods of our exposal to the Warriors. Thank you.”

There was more than that to it, but that’s the general gist anyway. Even LeBron knows that a speedy PG with any ability to finish whatsoever will be able to carve them up. Luckily for him, the Hawks are totally going to miss the playoffs, unless some really weird stuff starts going down.

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