Khris Middleton 26 Points Full Highlights (11/30/2017)

Now that Khris “Kha$h Money” Middleton has scored forty points in multiple games this year, I’m a little bit spoiled. I have seen his true scoring power unleashed in front of my eyes, so it leaves me frustrated and unfulfilled when his scoring is reined in. Basically, every time Kha$h Money scores in the twenty to thirty range, I’m getting blue-balled.

Take this game as an example. Middleton was scoring effortlessly against C.J. McCollum and any other defender who had the hubris to challenge him. So why didn’t he get forty? Was it because Giannis and Bledsoe took too many shots? Are they not aware that Middleton, when he’s on, is unstoppable from every spot on the floor and from several spots off the floor as well? Have they never heard the term “feed the beast”? Hint: in this scenario, Middleton is the “beast” and Giannis/Bledsoe are the ones who need to “feed” him (by giving him the ball so he can score, in case this metaphor is too hard for you).

I will now make myself feel better by setting Middleton’s sliders up to 99 in 2K, turning on the sim, and watching him win MVP six straight seasons. This is no less than what Kha$h Money deserves.

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