Kris Dunn 19 Points/5 Assists Full Highlights (11/30/2017)

This isn’t as gaudy a line as 22/7 or 24/8, both of which Kris “Dunn Dunn Dunn” Dunn has achieved in recent weeks, but think about how hyped you would have been if Dunn’s first game as a Bull had been something like this. You would have immediately walked back on all the times you called Dunn a bust (pssht, not like I ever said anything like that).

Dunn was 9-of-11 from the field, and a lot of those shots were tough finishes at the basket, none of them tougher than a go-ahead layup made with eight seconds left. If Will Barton hadn’t one-upped Dunn’s heroism with an even more heroic act of his own, the title of this video would include the word “game-winner”.

Or would it? If you make a go-ahead shot with time dwindling but there’s enough time for the opponent to get a good look at their own shot, say three seconds or more, it it really a game-winner or is it just a clutch late-game shot? I would tends towards the latter, which would mean that under no circumstances would Dunn’s clutch late-game shot have been a game-winner.

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