Jordan Bell 16 Points/3 Blocks Full Highlights (12/1/2017)

If you’ve been on the internet lately, and you definitely have, don’t lie to me, you may have noticed some controversy over something called “Net Neutrality”. Long story short, internet service providers (known by the snazzy acronym “ISP”s) are going to start slowing down the internet for people and sites until the pony up more cash to get into so-called “fast lanes”. Most reports indicate that real slowdowns won’t occur for at least a couple months, if not years.

That, my friends, is total horse mess.

While trying to make these highlights, I was stymied by ISPs who desired to slow me down to unbearable speeds. Speeds so slow, so turtle-like, that I would be forced to abandon my attempt to make highlights of Jordan Bell scoring 16 hyper-efficient points. Highlights that show conclusively, without any doubt, that he is as vital to the Warriors as Green or Thompson. The powers that be do not want this information to get out. They want their false vision of a “big four” to remain unchallenged. Think about how much money is at stake here.

DownToBuck, however, has an iron will. Nothing will stop me from delivering highlight vids of role players. I withstood the glacial pace of the upload process, and stand before you now bearing a visual depiction of Bell dunking it a bunch of times and blocking some shots.

You may have some problems viewing this video; Ajit Pai is surely sitting in his control room, desperately trying to slow down any traffic attempting to access this page. Be strong, friends. Persevere. The truth awaits you, and will not be silenced.

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