Markieff Morris 23 Points Full Highlights (12/1/2017)

What is the official threshold for the amount of games you’re allowed to “work your way back from injury”? Is it fifteen? More? Less? Because Markieff Morris just played his fifteenth game back from injury, and one of the commentators said he was still coming back from injury, but I’m sitting here thinking “that sure is a lot of leeway”. I would put the official threshold at ten games, but maybe I’m underestimating how much time an NBA player needs to get reacquainted with their teammates after a long absence from the court.

What I really think is going on here is that Markieff is struggling to adapt to the fact that he plays fewer minutes now, thanks to the successful “Otto Porter can sometimes be a power forward” experiment. That’s my honest opinion. Wizards fans (all six of you that are out there) can tell me if I’m wrong or not and I’ll just ignore their opinion and keep having my opinion instead because it’s better.

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