Austin Rivers 30 Points/7 Threes Full Highlights (12/3/2017)

The Clippers, in the span of a short few months, have gone from a perennial solid playoff team to what we have today: a whole bunch of scrubs and DeAndre Jordan. Him, Austin Rivers, and Lou Williams are the only decent players that played tonight. Hopefully Gallinari comes back soon, because a team that has to play Jamil Wilson (Racine represent boiiiiii) 28 minutes is a team that will not win many games and will not be fun to watch even in those rare wins.

Rivers really did his best out there, coming within 2 points of his career-high, but it wasn’t enough. He simply could not overcome the minutes that were forcefed to totally-unknown-except-for-Clipper-diehards players like CJ Williams and Jawun Evans. 30 points by Rivers, wasted. It’s going to sound really funny and ironic, but he needs to demand a trade. His prime is being wasted, and it’s all his dad’s fault. Him and Blake Griffin for being a big injury-prone baby.

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