Davis Bertans 16 Points/5 Blocks Full Highlights (12/3/2017)

There must be something seriously deficient about Davis Bertans that I’m not seeing, because he is barely getting any playing time this year. Not a lot of DNPs, which would actually almost be better, because he’s getting low single-digit minutes in most games. How is he supposed to be good if he barely gets warmed up and then heads back to the bench?

Tonight, the Spurs had no choice to play him with LaMalodorus Baddridge out. And he produced. 16 points, which is about the amount I’d expect from him playing 30 minutes, and five (5) blocked shots. Yeah, I know. A huge total for a guy whose previous career-high in that stat was two. These aren’t spectacular rejections coming from the weakside; just solid defensive plays where he gets his hand on the ball. The block on Paul George’s dunk attempt was pretty nice, though.

Enjoy these highlights while they last. Bertans is heading right back to the bench after this one, and we won’t seem him getting major minutes for probably another month. Thanks Popovich. Every day that passes my trust in your player development tendencies dwidles.

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