Dejounte Murray 17 Points Full Highlights (12/3/2017)

If I really wanted to make you sad, I would have shown Dejounte Murray’s final steal of the game, the one that set up Brandon Paul’s missed game-tying three-point attempt. Murray had a great game, pesky on defense while also showing some nice driving ability, but the Spurs just couldn’t quite pull it off.

The Thunder should be ashamed of themselves, BTW. Getting taken to the very brink by a loose assemblage of vaguely NBA-caliber players? Something needs to change over there.

Murray’s promising start to the season has yielded little impact, except for a few scattered performances. People may have been a little too quick to crown him after those first three games. He’s still a nice young role-player, but anything more than that is going to have to wait. That’s okay. Take the good with the bad, you know the drill. And if he keeps chasing rebounds like he has been doing, he can be the next Russell Westbrook. The similarities are eerie.

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