Larry Nance Jr. 15 Points Full Highlights (12/3/2017)

How often do you think that Larry Nance Jr. roasts Brook Lopez for that huge dunk Nance threw down on Lopez last year when they were on different teams? I hope it’s a daily thing in that locker room. “Yo Brook remember when I dunked on you so hard that your own bench freaked out?” or “Hey Lopez it looks like you still have some of my scrote sweat on your nose.” or “Man your career has really derailed in Los Angeles hasn’t it?” Those are just some of the things that Nance could say as a form of light-hearted joking to help build team camaraderie.

I also sort of wonder if he ever tries to re-create that dunk in Lakers practices. If him and Lopez are on different practice squads, then he could just go up for a poster every time he drives on Lopez. Do poster dunks even happen in practice or is the defense too soft/too injury-avoidant for that to happen?

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