Reggie Jackson 27 Points Full Highlights (12/4/2017)

Remember when the Pistons had that players-only meeting last year and the consensus was that everybody hated Reggie Jackson for being too selfish? And then Tobias Harris just straight-up decked him in the mouth? Well, I’m thinking it might be a time for another players-only meeting. The Pistons have lost three in a row and the only way they’ll win another game this season is if all the players get together in the locker room and air their grievances.

If such a meeting were to occur, Reggie Jackson should be on the lookout for punches from his teammates, because he only got three assists in this game, and he got four in each of the other two losses that comprise this losing streak. In his defense, he was completely unstoppable driving to the basket in this game, but his teammates are going to see his low assist numbers and desire nothing more than to punch him so hard that all the melanin flies off his face and he turns white.

And you can bet that when that meeting occurs, your pal DownToBuck will be in that locker room disguised inconspicuously as a decorative fake palm tree to record the action as it goes down.

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