Courtney Lee 24 Points Full Highlights (12/6/2017)

How many teams removed does a player have to be for a game to officially qualify as an official REVENGE GAME? Courtney Lee played for the Grizzlies from the second half of the 13-14 season to the first half of the 15-16 season. He then played half a season for Charlotte before coming to the Knicks. So there is a team in between his time with the Grizzlies and his time for the Knicks. Can you still exact revenge against a former team in the form of a REVENGE GAME if the former team isn’t the one you just played for?

I say yes. With only one degree of separation, it is perfectly acceptable to have REVENGE GAMES against a former team. If he was playing the Rockets or the Magic and scored 24 points, I would say that such a performance would not be a REVENGE GAME because all bad feelings between Lee and those teams would have been buried a long time ago. However, the wound of being traded by the Grizzlies for P.J. Hairston (while a bunch of other meaningless picks got shuffled around) has not yet healed. That is why Courtney Lee exploding for 24 points is the textbook definition of a REVENGE GAME.

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