Frank Mason 15 Points Full Highlights (12/6/2017)

Why did I only notice just now how absolutely built Frank Mason is? What he doesn’t have in size, he definitely makes up for in his beefy arms and legs. This isn’t like a Tyler Ulis or Brandon Jennings situation where he’s both short and a twig. Mason is short but he is ripped. He is shredded. His limbs are filled to the bursting point with powerful masculinity.

Now that it’s been established that Mason is in absolute studbeast with a perfect physique, I need to bring up another point: he doesn’t dunk it enough. Basketball-reference says he’s made one dunk this year, but I know for a fact that the dunk in question was actually a running floater-layup thing that was about as close to an actual slam dunk as me blowing a wide-open layup while playing pickup at the park. So Mason actually has zero dunks on the year, even though we have evidence of how high he can jump. Why even have such strong leg muscles if you’re not even going to use them to throw down huge whamjams?

I just don’t understand NBA players sometimes.

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