Josh Richardson 19 Points Full Highlights (12/6/2017)

I wonder if the production crew doing Heat games derives some sort of perverse pleasure from ruining my life and the lives of all Miami area residents? Are they sitting there in their little production studio cackling at the heartless torment they enact upon me and everybody else?

I mean, Josh Richardson had an alley-oop dunk, but we barely saw it because those bozos were too busy training a camera on Kawhi Leonard’s blank, emotionless robot face. While play was in progress, they inexplicably thought it would be more exciting to show the one NBA player who never has any reaction to anything. From what I saw of the alley-oop, it looked pretty awesome, but I can’t know for sure because not only did they cut off most of the relevant play, they also, as far as I can discern, failed to show a replay of the dunk at any point.

Now, by either malice or sheer stupidity, my life is ruined and I don’t know if I can ever un-ruin it.

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