Tyler Johnson 25 Points Full Highlights (12/6/2017)

It was nice of Tyler Johnson to wait until year two of his new contract before starting to suck. Most dudes begin sucking as soon as the ink dries on their new deal, but Tyler gave the Heat a whole year of pretty darn good basketball. He didn’t need to do that. No one would have blamed him if he had gone the traditional route.

Even though he’s kind of sucking now, it’s not like he’s getting paid that much. At least this year. 6 million is nothing for a guy as theoretically good as he is. Next year, he’s going to be getting paid almost 20 million, and if he’s still playing then the way he is now, he’s going to be one of the worst contracts league. Why did the Heat have to backload this one so much? I don’t know anything about the cap or the CBA or anything, so even if you told me, I wouldn’t understand.

All I understand is buckets. Tonight, Tyler went out at got buckets, a rare occurrence for him this season. The Heat still lost, but at least he brought hope that he can break out of his extended slump and start playing the way he did last year.

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