Ian Clark 15 Points Full Highlights (12/8/2017)

I consider Ian Clark to be roughly the same player as E’Twaun Moore, except Clark is worse. He played very well for the Warriors last year, but is struggling this year now that he doesn’t have Kevin Durcupcake and Stephanie Lurry and Klay Thompsucks on his team making things easy for him. Clark is getting the same minutes as last season, but is scoring less and shooting the ball way worse, so the Pelicans should count themselves lucky that they didn’t get bamboozled into paying Clark more than he was worth (he’s on a one-year, 1.5 million dollar deal [I wish I had 1.5 million dollars]).

The Clark signing, aside from not making sense because of the presence of E’Twaun Moore, also doesn’t make sense because the Pelicans should have seen the gaping hole they have in their roster at the power forward position. They could have signed somebody like, I don’t know, Jeff Adrien to be the backup power forward, but as of this writing their backup PF is none other than Cheick “DNP” Diallo. Still, I’m happy that Clark did well because it means that I get to immortalize his stint with the Pelicans by way of an expertly-edited highlights package.

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