T.J. Warren 24 Points Full Highlights (12/9/2017)

DTB’s Fun* Fact** of the Day***: T.J. “Warren Peace” Warren is currently third in the league in two-point field goal attempts, behind Giannis Antetokounmpo (duh) and LaMarcus Aldridge (wishing that Kawhi would be injured forever). He is also fourth in the league in two-point makes, behind those two dudes plus some scrub named LeBron James.

What this means is that I can’t in good faith argue that T.J. Warren needs more shots fed to him considering that very few players get to shoot as much as he does. Secondary fun fact: he’s 12th in the league in field goal attempts. All the players above him are major three-point threats save for, again, those two dudes who have more two-point attempts.

Tertiary fun fact: this is the first game this season where Warren made more than one three-pointer (he made two of them). I would call this a good omen but to me it only means that I have to listen to that annoying Fulton Homes spiel two more times than I should have to.

*Funness of these facts is not guaranteed
**Factuality of these facts is not guaranteed
***These facts are not guaranteed to be daily

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