Aron Baynes 17 Points Full Highlights (12/13/2017)

Aron Baynes AKA The Baynes Bus AKA Masturbaynestion AKA The Big Baynger AKA All of Australia pretty much took advantage of the defensive woes of his similarly-pigmented counterpart, Mason Plumlee, this entire game. If people weren’t finding him on pick and rolls for mammoth dunks or less mammoth layups (“LAMEups”), he would space out and burn the Nuggets with his smooth, and, let’s just say it, Australian midrange jumper.

With Horford out for “rest” (really, this was punishment for him not getting enough rebounds), Baynes and similarly-pigmented teammate Daniel Theis needed to team up to replace that production, and guess what, it totally worked. Theis, repping Germany, brought eight points and three rebounds, while Baynes, repping Australia, had 17/6. Al Horford once had a dream about getting nine rebounds only to wake up and find that he had gotten a little too “excited” while grabbing the ninth one. You know, because he sucks at rebounding, right guys?

So, yeah, back to Baynes. He played well and his topknot stayed mostly in place even while he was getting fouled, so I give him a strong B+/weak A- on this one.

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