Omri Casspi 17 Points Full Highlights (12/14/2017)

Omri Casspi’s singular career accomplishment, in the eyes of most casual fans, is that he once got into a shootout with Stephen Curry. I suppose he can’t complain about that recognition, since most role-players haven’t done anything that videogenic, but he’s done a lot more things in his career that have slipped under the radar:

-Is an Israeli basketball player who is actually good in the NBA (sorry Gal Mekel)
-Was so good for the Kings that they brought him back a second time
-Was and is still bros with DeMarcus Cousins
-Never has gotten a triple-double, but has gotten more than ten rebounds on multiple occasions
-Had a one-game stint with the Pelicans, which is the shortest stint you can have while still playing for a team, but got cut after the game for getting injured like a dummy
-What would Mark Jackson even do if he had a Jewish player on the team while he was trying to convert the entire Warriors locker room to Christianity with prayer sessions and Bible references?
-Has dunked multiple times. Or at least one time.

Happy Hannukah everyone.

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