Michael Beasley 30 Points Full Highlights (12/16/2017)

Is it just me or is Michael Beasley not as smiley as he was in Milwaukee? I know during his short run in Houston he was really intense, bordering on psychotic, but with the Bucks he seemed really happy and mellow. [WEED JOKE]. He actally could’ve used a little more intensity at that time, to be honest. Story of his career, I know.

And now he’s back to being stony-faced all the time. He scored 30 tonight, the second time he’s done that this season, and I don’t think his facial expression changed even one time. Just the same thousand-yard stare after every made bucket. Is that what he thinks normal people are like when they’re “focused”? Because it’s not. Emotions are still definitely allowed.

Either way, he’s been putting up some nice games now that he’s finally escaped the end of the bench. Nice if you ignore all the turnovers and the lack of other stats besides scoring, I mean. So for me, he’s doing fine. Knicks fan probably wish he was doing more, Heat fans probably wish he wasn’t such a bust for them, and Suns fans want to forget he ever existed.

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